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Lucere Translucent Surfaces product range offers a variety of materials that assist in making a space interesting, effective and unique.



Lucere Encapsulated
Why choose simple, plain glass when a kaleidoscope of Lucere Encapsulated is waiting to be discovered! Featuring a veritable potpourri of core materials encased in acrylic resin, Lucere Encapsulated is perfect for partitions, screens and lighting applications.

  • Perfect for partitions, screens and lighting

  • Fabricated with standard wood working tools

  • Unparalleled depth and clarity

  • Fully refinishable to matt or gloss



Lucere Textures
Lucere Textures is a range of deeply textured panels that is unable to be achieved in other translucent materials. They come in clear or with a green tint to closer emulate glass panels but they are 40 times more impact resistant than glass.  Lending an air of sophistication and elegance the clear variants can even be used outdoors.



Lucere Monolithic
Enjoy the aesthetic of natural stone without the price tag of the real thing. The Lucere Monolithic range combines the look and feel of stone with an incredible translucent quality to provide a product that is easy to install, joins seamlessly and has a stain resistant surface.